Welcome to my webpage! I have no idea what I'm doing, so be warned for mistakes and ugliness. I've never done any html ever, so this is going to be baby's first website. I apologize for any misspellings. My fingers can't keep up with my mind and my eyes have trouble with screens.

Miue (the website) is going to be the place where I dump all of my interests and hobbies. Once I get it looking semi decent I will start to add pages relevant to myself. Miue (the page) will be the index off my stories/original characters. Ever since I was young, I'v always had a passion for creating characters and world building. I once wanted to make a webcomic, but that dream seems so far away. My art isn't very good, and my writing is embarassing, but I know that I need to start "putting myself out there" so to speak. I'm not very good at expressing myself online, and I know that I will eventually start to sperg about things that might make some uncomfortable. So sorry in advance.